About Us

St. Luke Catholic School is an Early French Immersion School that welcomes students from Kindergarten to grade 8.

Upon graduation from St. Luke School, some of the student accomplishments and achievements that are recognized include:

  • Top Academic

  • Top Male and Female Athletes

  • French Award

  • English Award

  • Math & Technology Award

  • Noah Strong Award

  • Student Council Award

  • Bilingualism Certificate

  • Catholic Virtues Award

Student/School Achievements

We are proud of the continued growth and improvements made by our student body in provincial assessments. St. Luke School participates annually in the EQAO provincial testing and results are shared with the families and staff. These scores are used to make professional decisions to best meet the individual and collective needs of our students.

On-going assessment and evaluation are used to guide teachers in their pursuit for helping children to achieve their personal best. These goals are communicated regularly to parents through the agenda, phone calls, report cards, formal and informal evaluations.

School Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment which fosters the personal growth of all members within the Catholic School Community of St. Luke School. Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, we are committed to observing and fostering the personal growth of our individual members in order that respect for self and others, the qualities of self-esteem, a love for learning and academic success can be realized.

Plans For The Future

Continuous learning growth and increased student achievement has been noted in our school and in our Board. The staff at St. Luke School believes in the concept of continued improvement in student learning. With the on-going support from the Board and with the continued assistance of its specialized personnel as well as that from its home partners, we will continue to strive to prepare our students to reach the EQAO goal of improved academic performance and achievement.

It is from the EQAO assessment information base that we as a school, together with the Board, can formulate an action plan to address those areas of greatest need for improved student learning and performance.