The St. Luke Catholic School Council will identify concerns and opportunities within the school environment to promote the Catholic faith and Gospel Values and work collaboratively to develop strategies and solutions to enhance the development and educational experiences of all students involved at St. Luke.


  1. To promote and maintain a positive school community.

  2. To identify current opportunities problems and concerns within the school and discuss appropriate action for improvement

  3. To develop strategies and solutions regarding the above which will involve a collaborative effort by teaching staff, parents students, administration, church and community at large.

  4. To promote and encourage communication between home, school and church, thus empowering parents with a shared responsibility for their child(ren)'s educational experiences.

  5. To keep up-to-date on current trends in education and to share this knowledge with the school community on a regular basis.

  6. To provide staff, parents and students with an accountable and responsible system to which we can voice our concerns, comments, and suggestions for future consideration for the benefit of all.

Meetings are held monthly at 6:00p.m. and are one hour in length. December, March and June are excluded.


Our CSAC members haven't been posted for this school year yet. Please check again later or contact the school for more information.