Kindergarten School Supply List

Kindergarten School Supply List
Posted on 08/27/2020

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

We are very excited to welcome your child into our classroom this fall. As the current situation develops, we are working hard at preparing for an engaging learning experience for your child while following the government’s guidelines.

For this reason, it is important for your child to have their own learning tools, as it will reduce sharing and the possibility of transmission. It is also important that every item is labelled with your child’s first name and the initial of their last name.

Personal Belonging:

 School bag (full size)
 Lunchbox
 Water bottle
 Indoor running shoes with Velcro (no laces please)
 Headphones
 Extra change of clothes (top, bottom, socks, underwear)
 Kleenex

School Supplies:

 Plastic Pencil case (needs to be easily wiped down)
 Crayons
 Colouring pencils
 Markers
 2 Glue sticks
 Scissors
 Large Ziploc Bags

Your St. Luke Early Education Team